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25+ years of experience teaching the youngest of students

Our collection contains titles of very short, ultra quick videos for any style of martial art. Use them to inspire new ideas to keep your pre-school classes exciting and fun.

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Over 60 super-short and idea-packed videos to help you teach the youngest of students.

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Our "Streaming Subscription" is just the beginning, and is INCLUDED in your Little Eagles Martial Arts® licensing package!

We know what it takes to attract parents and pre-schoolers to your classes for 3 & 4 year olds. It's almost like having a "school within a school" (or dojo, studio, academy...). However, like you, we don't want to read through pages of curriculum and guidelines. Becoming a Little Eagles Martial Arts® licensed instructor means you'll have everything you need to MARKET, ADVERTISE and TEACH the youngest of students. It's always a few clicks away!

It's Your Style, and Our Support

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About Us

Little Eagles Martial Arts® was born in 1999 in our traditional martial arts school. Our first year in business brought an overwhelming number of parents of pre-schoolers looking for a group activity for their child. The suburban area of NYC where we were located had many programs avalable for kids - starting at 5 years old. Even our own Kid's Beginner Program required a minimum age of 6!

We immediately added pre-school classes to our schedule. After calling the parents who had left their contact info, advertising in the local paper for a small fortune (it WAS 1999!) and hosting an Open House - we failed completely...Two decades and hundreds of classes later - we got it!

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